The original street fashion brand starssdy was established in Japan in 2012. The brand name "starssdysy" advocates "activism of challenge and innovation". It seems that no one has ever been able to accurately define the definition of streetwear, because "street" does not represent any template for dressing, and it is completely "created" by yourself. starssdy advocates a decent and independent dressing concept, which is unique but suitable for daily wear. It is a design trendy brand that insists on originality and youthful spirit. As a street fashion brand with the spiritual core of contemporary new youth, it dares to challenge the influence of authority, does not blindly submit to the mainstream, and establishes its own unique spiritual world. Brand Slogan: "Wait For My Signal" (Wait For My Signal), conveying every charge and resonance between each other. Good at grasping trend elements and diverse styles, starssdysy continues to give young people a new street sweating experience, and at the same time advocates the design ideas of gender-neutral men and women in products and outfits.